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Strange Music Called Back!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Full Video Down Below

The initial contact was exciting, the call back was mind blowing

Back in May 2019, I was contacted by Travis O'Guin of Strange Music and was asked to provide production for their 2 night concert. Now, it's October and they have a sold out show at RED ROCKS! It was great knowing they loved our work enough to bring us back to cover an even bigger event.

- Screen Shots from the "Canon C200"

This shoot was a tad bit different from the last

For the line up, it was, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Ces Cru, Rittz, and another artist by the name of Jelly Roll. This time I was actually working with their video department so thankfully I didn't have to run all over this giant Amphitheater. Working with those guys was just a great experience and they were all very knowledgable on what was important to capture. With out even saying it, we all had a sequence down to not "ruin" the other guy's shot and I'd say, we all worked very well each other. This night was special because prior to the event Krizz Kaliko made an announcement that this was going to be his last show since he was ready to retire Music. More on that here. Although I knew how important this night was was, no one ever spoke to me about him having a speech later in their set. So all the shots I captured were natural and unplanned.

Let's talk about Gear.

The gear we used was a RED Dragon, an Alexa (Whatever that is) a few DSLR's and my trusty C200. My primary duty was to run on the gimbal all night (RIP to my lower back) the Red was center stage on some sticks, the DSLR guys ran hand held and the Alexa was on the shoulder rig. All possible angles, executed perfectly.

What was my Plan of Attack?

My main priority was to get those Wide establishing shots. Being that I was on the Gimbal I stayed primarily on the stage and captured those nice low sweeping shots.

My Highlight of the night

As I was waiting for another guy to finish his shot, I hit record and waited for the perfect moment to begin my "Parallax" shot and about half way through, Krizz out of no where just stopped the show. Initially my first thought was to get off the stage so, that's what I did. As I was finishing my shot he began his speech about his ordeal and that shot is the first clip featured in the video where he signs his official contract with Strange Music. Not planned at all. The thing that does suck tho is, I panicked when he stopped the show and accidentally hit the gimbal causing it to shift, I was lucky enough to get a great establishing shot that really set the pace of the video they featured though.

Checkout the raw clip we have below.

Official Video on Behalf of Strange Music

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