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Meet Wendy Fryer!

I've worked with plenty of agents over the years and all of whom were great however, working with Wendy really set the bar much higher.

This film we created was not the typical tour video we're all used to seeing. We wanted to create a story with some narrative and use only what we had access to. The first question was, who are we try to sell this to? Since this was a high-end duplex located in Cherry Creek, we knew we wanted to target a single Bachelor or Bachelorette with no kids since the home wasn't technically "kid friendly." (Small yard, all hardwood etc.) Next was, what kind of story do we want to tell? The home featured a small dog run, bar style island, and an amazing wine cellar. Such great options to work with when only working with what we had

Screen Grab from C200

I initially wrote a script for the video and asked Wendy to make any changes she felt were necessary and then went about shooting around the script. Wendy managed to get Enzo the dog which is a golden doodle and was such a blast to work with. We made sure to utilize the dog run as much as possible and get shots of Wendy walking around the neighborhood. Afterwards we added those other key features of the home. Instead of only showing the bathroom alone, we shot scenes that included Wendy preparing a bath and tossing flowers in the water. Same with the wine-cellar. We could of easily only shown the cellar but to add some character, we had Wendy search around for a bottle, etc.

Check out the Behind the Scenes Video

Here is the full video

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