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Creating content with a Superstar

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

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We were honored and privileged to work with Carrie Underwood and her clothing line "Calia"

When James Drake Films calls and asks you to take on a project like this, you know he is expecting you to deliver. We had an amazing time shooting with Carrie Underwood and her team up in Aspen, Colorado. Altogether it was a pretty a fun shoot however, that doesn't mean we didn't face any challenges.

- Screen Shots from the "Canon C200"

This was a very run and gun shoot to say the least. Only relying on available light, no time for mic setup, AND no time for post corrections. This was one of those times where we had to really depend on our equipment to make us shine since our number one and only priority was to make Carrie look good. Our Canon C200 made it happen.

Gamma Choice

After the shoot, we were required to sort the footage of usable and non usable shots, place the usable content into a timeline sequence, ship directly to Carrie's team for approval, and then had to ship to Entertainment Tonight.. This meant we had to absolutely nail exposure, audio, and color all in camera. Typically we like to shoot in a Canon Log 3 gamma to expand our DR and color correct in post but since we had the team at Calia next to us sorting the footage, the pressure was on to get this footage out. So we went with the Normal 1 (Standard) profile and as you can see with the screen shot above, it did not disappoint.

Available Light

The location we were shooting at had this ginormous open window that allowed sunlight to beam in where we were shooting which really helped but come nighttime he only had dim

houselights. Since the house was was packed with 30-50 people all on the same floor, setting up lights was not an option. So, we had to do what every filmmaker fears, boost the ISO to high levels. Closer to the 10,000 range. Surprisingly enough, the image still had apparent noise but totally usable.

Making it happen

A popular statement many creators make is, "It doesn't matter what camera you use" and in a lot of cases, that statement can be true. We could have made this work with a typical DSLR and some minor adjustments but the C200 made the production that much easier. From the low light capabilities, the amazing color that Canon provides, to having on-board XLR inputs for better audio really came in handy. Although the challenges we faced weren't groundbreaking, knowing how to make this all work with limited resources is key and made the difference when working with a Superstar like Carrie Underwood.

Check out the content we shot with Carrie Underwood featured on ET!

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